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Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions (ADIs)

Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions (ADIs) are corporations which are authorised under the Banking Act 1959

ADIs include:

  • banks;
  • building societies; and
  • credit unions.

All ADIs are subject to the same Prudential Standards but the use of the names 'bank', 'building society' and 'credit union' is subject to corporations meeting certain criteria.

The following links provide information relevant to ADIs:

Authorisation: Information for institutions seeking authorisation as an ADI. Includes guidelines on the authorisation of ADIs, implementation of Section 66 Banking Act 1959 and providers of Purchased Payment Facilities (PPFs).

Basel II: Discussion papers, response papers, other releases and draft prudential standards, prudential practice guides, reporting standards, forms and instructions relating to Basel II implementation in Australia.

Breach reporting: Information relating to notifying APRA of breaches of prudential requirements for ADIs.

Consultation packages: Proposals released by APRA for consultation where submissions and responses are invited from industry. Consultation packages can include letters, discussion papers, response papers, draft guidance material and other draft information.

Financial Claims Scheme (FCS): Information about the deposit guarantee for ADIs.

Foreign bank representative offices (not ADIs): Information regarding foreign bank representative offices that are not ADIs.

Industry fees and levies: Determinations for ADI levy imposition.

Prudential Framework: Information for ADIs in order to meet APRA's prudential requirements. Includes links to legislation, prudential standards and guidance notes, prudential practice guides and other guidance.

Register of ADIs - List of institutions that are regulated by APRA under the Banking Act 1959.

Reporting Framework: Under the Financial Sector (Collection of Data) Act 2001 and its reporting standards, ADIs are required to provide data to APRA. Includes links to reporting standards, forms and instructions.

Risk assessment and supervisory response tools:

Statistical publications: APRA publishes a suite of statistical publications across all industries. These provide regular updates on the financial performance of APRA-regulated industries and individual entities. ADI statistical publications include:

Useful information for ADIsother publications for ADIs.