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APRA operates under laws determined by the Australian Parliament. Among other things, these laws grant APRA the power to set prudential standards that underpin its supervisory approach towards supervised institutions.
For the deposit-taking, insurance and superannuation industries, APRA has developed a comprehensive framework of prudential standards and prudential practice guides to promote sound financial and risk management, and good governance. In the superannuation industry, APRA also administers regulations and operating standards put in place by the Australian Parliament.
APRA’s prudential standards set out minimum capital, governance and risk management requirements, which are legally binding. Prudential practice guides provide guidance on how supervised institutions might satisfy the prudential standards. 
When APRA proposes new prudential standards or prudential practice guides, or significant changes to existing standards and guides, there is a period of consultation with industry on the proposals.  APRA releases final prudential standards and prudential practice guides once the consultation with industry has been completed.
Policy priorities
For an outline of APRA’s planned policy initiatives, see the Information Paper: APRA’s policy priorities – released 31 January 2018
The following pages provide links to APRA's consultation packages by regulated industry.

Regulation Impact Statements are prepared by APRA in line with the Australian Government's best practice regulation requirements.

Prudential framework
The following pages outline the prudential framework for each of APRA's regulated industries. The main prudential framework page contains links to legislation, prudential standards, guidance notes (as applicable), prudential practice guides and other guidance material, proposals relating to each industry and further letters, notes and advices relating to the industry.
Cross industry 
The following page contains information that is relevant to more than one industry or multiple industries.