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APRA publications

Corporate publications

Annual Reports: APRA's annual report of activities and financial statements.

APRA Corporate Plan: The Corporate Plan outlines APRA’s key priorities in pursuing its mission over a rolling four year period.

APRA Brochure | HTML Brochure The APRA Brochure contains information on APRA's role in protecting Australia’s depositors, insurance policyholders and superannuation fund members.

APRA fact sheets: A series of fact sheets that detail aspects of APRA's activities. 

Insight: APRA Insight contains editorial articles on key industry issues and topics of current relevance.

International Assessments: These international assessments include FSAPs, RCAPs and FSB Peer Reviews.

Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) and Letters of Arrangement: APRA has Memoranda of Understanding and Letters of Arrangement with other organisations and makes available those which it has authority to make public.

Regulator Performance Framework: The Regulator Performance Framework establishes a common set of performance indicators for all Commonwealth regulators that allows for the assessment of regulator performance in relation to their engagement with stakeholders.

Research Working Papers: A series of peer reviewed Research Working Papers in financial regulation, extending across economics and other disciplines.

Service Charter: The Service Charter forms part of APRA's on-going commitment to enhance transparency and accountability to its stakeholders.

Statement of Expectations: Outlines the Government’s expectations about the role and responsibilities of the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), its relationship with the Government, issues of transparency and accountability and operational matters.

Statement of Intent: Outlines the response of the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) to the Government’s Statement of Expectations – Australian Prudential Regulation Authority of April 2014

Statistics: APRA publishes a suite of statistical publications across all industries.

APRA Stakeholder Survey: APRA conducts surveys of its stakeholders as part of its service charter commitments.

Supervision Blueprint (PDF): The Supervision Blueprint is a detailed overview of APRA's supervision of institutions.



Special domestic publications