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Learning and Development

APRA recognises that technical excellence is essential to the organisation’s performance as a world class regulator. Also, unique demands are placed on management and leadership skills in an organisation that operates from a strong intellectual and knowledge base. Therefore APRA’s learning and development model caters for both professional development and management/leadership development.

Our professional development program draws on APRA’s internal expertise as well as external expertise. In a knowledge-based organisation such as APRA, emphasis on learning through interaction with peers is essential. Managers and staff learn from each other, sharing their professional knowledge and diverse experience in a variety of informal and formal networks. This form of learning is actively supported through allocation of external training resources and facilities.

Learning Environment

We offer a range of learning environments to staff to deal with specific requirements demanded by operational roles, as well as catering to their longer term career development. These learning environments include:

  • accredited programs;
  • project-based work;
  • secondments;
  • professional association membership and activities; and
  • mentoring programs.

Some development needs are addressed on an APRA wide basis. Cross-functional teams are a major feature of our structure, and a priority is to provide development that emphasises team management and cooperation between teams.

Where formal accredited courses are identified as the most appropriate means of acquiring the necessary skills, generous studies support is available to staff.