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Recognition and Benefits

APRA recognises employees accordingly on the skills, experience and level of performance they bring to their role within APRA. Remuneration reviews for the fixed pay component of an employee’s salary plus performance bonuses (where applicable) occur on an annual basis. However, if a manager feels that an interim reward is deserved to acknowledge employee contribution small rewards through gift certificates and ‘Employee Spotlight’ recognition are used.

APRA recognises and rewards loyalty to the organisation through five and ten years’ service awards. Staff receive 3 months long service leave on completion of ten years service with APRA.

Some other benefits APRA employees currently enjoy are:

  • Corporate rate for gym membership
  • Health and well being checks
  • Flu vaccinations
  • Travel pass payment scheme
  • Salary packaging provisions
  • APRA sponsored sports
  • Charity giving scheme (charitable donations taken direct from salary)
  • Health and well being seminars
  • Financial seminars
  • Comprehensive training and excellent study support provision

We strive to help employees develop to their full potential within their role and positively support career progression through mentoring and career path planning.