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APRA is replacing D2A
Public IP Address Change
APRA changed the public IP address of the D2A service. You may need to modify firewall / proxy settings as a result of this change. Please refer to Firewall and proxy settings section of the D2A Help guide for further information.
Version 5.3 of D2A

All users of D2A must download and install version 5.3 to ensure you can submit, view and retrieve data via D2A. This version of D2A supports the use of AUSkey only.

Information for all D2A users
For information on AUSkey and D2A, use the following links:
Need technical help with D2A?
Please refer to the Common D2A Errors page in the first instance. Additional information can be found in the D2A Help Guide If you experience a technical issue with the D2A application, please log a support request with the D2A Help Desk by emailing
If you experience an issue requiring urgent resolution, please contact the D2A Help Desk on 02 9210 3400 between the hours of 9am and 5pm EST.
Need help with AUSkey?
The D2A Help Desk cannot assist with AUSkey specific enquiries or issues. Please refer to the AUSkey website or contact the Australian Business Register on 1300 AUSKEY (1300 287 539).
Need help with return validation errors?
The D2A Help Desk cannot assist with validation errors or warnings in D2A returns. For information on validation rules and guidelines for providing explanations, refer to your industry's Reporting framework page:
For enquiries about validation rules, please contact the APRA Statistics department by emailing
Adopting Standard Business Reporting (SBR)
These resources are available for entities or third party integrators working to implement Standard Business Reporting (SBR) with D2A:

About D2A

Current version - D2A 5.3, released June 2014.

D2A or Direct to APRA, is a flexible, secure and user-friendly electronic data submission system. D2A enables regulated and registered financial entities to lodge their statutory returns with APRA.

Data can be manually entered or imported directly into D2A from the reporting institutions' own information systems. D2A submits returns by passing information in an encrypted form to APRA using a direct internet connection.

Note on version 5.3.1: Due to server issues APRA reverted back to version 5.3 of D2A. However if you previously downloaded version 5.3.1, it can still be used. You do not need to reinstall version 5.3.

Trademarks and copyrights

Direct to APRA and D2A are registered trademarks of the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority.

AUSkey is a registered trademark of the Australian Business Register.

Java Copyright © 1993, 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

InstallAnywhere Copyright © 1997 – 2013 Flexera Software LLC. All rights reserved.

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