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Cross industry information

APRA seeks to harmonise its prudential standards across APRA-regulated industries where appropriate and practical. This ensures that like risks are treated in a like manner so that no significant differences arise in the regulatory treatment of entities with similar risks operating in different industries. This page covers prudential requirements that extend across multiple industries.

APRA’s requirements for the Heads of conglomerate groups are also contained in this section.

The information on the cross industry site includes:

Information Paper: Risk Culture - Provides a snapshot of current practice in risk culture in a range of banking, insurance and superannuation businesses.

Prudential framework – Information for ADIs, general insurers, life companies, Level 2 Heads and Level 3 Heads in order to meet APRA’s requirements. Includes links to prudential standards and prudential practice guides.

Cross industry consultation - Links to consultation packages that are relevant to more than one industry or multiple industries.

Direct to APRA (D2A) - Information about D2A, a flexible,  secure and user-friendly electronic data submission system.

Disqualification Register - Links to a current list of individuals disqualified from holding prudentially significant roles within APRA-regulated entities.

Enforceable Undertakings - A current list of Enforceable Undertakings APRA has accepted from people or corporations since 1 January 2005.

Financial Claims Scheme - Information on the Financial Claims Scheme (commonly referred to as the Australian Government deposit guarantee).