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National Claims and Policies Database

The NCPD was established by APRA in 2003 at the request of the Federal Government in consultation with the insurance industry and other stakeholders to provide insurers, the community and State and Federal Governments with a better understanding of public and products liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance and the ability to monitor trends in premiums and claim costs.

NCPD reports

For the current issue of the NCPD reports, please see the NCPD reports page here.

Contents of the NCPD

The NCPD includes claim and policy information on the following classes of liability business where the underlying risk is Australian-based.

Public and products liability insurance, including:
  • all policies that provide cover for legal liability to the public in respect of bodily injury or property damage arising out of the operation of the insured's business;
  • policies that provide for compensation for loss and or injury caused by, or as a result of, the use of goods; and
  • environmental clean-up caused by pollution spills where not covered by Fire and ISR policies.
Professional indemnity insurance, including:
  • all policies that provide cover for a professional for actions taken against that person in tort and/or statute law in respect of advice or services provided as part of their professional practice, including related legal expenses;
  • Directors' and Officers' liability insurance and legal expense insurance; and
  • medical indemnity insurance.
The following policies are excluded from the data collection:
  • policies that provide reinsurance or retrocession cover to insurance or reinsurance companies;
  • all forms of marine cover, including marine liability; and
  • domestic (householder) owner's or tenant's liability sold in conjunction with a building or contents policy.

Claims and policies data must be provided for periods from 1 January 2003 onwards. Data on any claims created or finalised, any policies written and any facility business underwritten from 1 July 2004 by an APRA-regulated general insurer should be provided as defined in the Data Specifications below. The Data Specifications document varies slightly from the Reporting Standards. As not all insurers will have all of the defined data available for claims, policies and facilities business for periods prior to 1 July 2004, data will be accepted on a best endeavours basis for this period.

Data collections must be provided to APRA (or a party authorised by APRA) semi-annually, within four months of the end of the reporting period. The reporting periods cover six calendar months, ending 30 June and 31 December annually. Data is therefore required to be submitted by 30 April and 31 October each year. The submission periods will open at 1 March and 1 September each year.

For details about contributing to the NCPD, please see the NCPD website:

Reporting Standards and Data Specifications

Reporting Standards and Data Specifications for General Insurers Reporting Standards and Data Specifications for Lloyds of London Data Specifications / Validations Questions and Answers