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Discretionary Mutual Funds (DMFs)

October 2016
APRA has ceased its data collection from Discretionary Mutual Funds following consultation with the industry. 
Discussion Letter - September 2016
Response to Submission - October 2016
All non-confidential submissions are linked below:  
Previous reporting regime
From 30 May 2014, all APRA-reporting institutions must use AUSkey to submit returns via D2A. All existing APRA-issued digital certificates that have not already expired by 30 May 2014 will no longer be valid on or after 30 May 2014.  
APRA-reporting institutions that do not have an AUSkey must complete the AUSkey acknowledgement process to enable submission of returns via D2A using AUSkey.
For further details on how to enable submission via D2A using AUSkey please refer to APRA’s website at:
Download the reporting forms and instructions from the table below:
Form Name



DRF 1.0 Notification form

DRF 1.0 form

DRF 100.0 Insurance and Sundry Information

DRF 100.0 instructions

DRF 100.0 form

DRF 210.0 Outstanding Claims Provision

DRF 210.0 instructions

DRF 210.0 form

DRF 300.0 Statement of Financial Position

DRF 300.0 instructions

DRF 300.0 form

DRF 310.0 Statement of Financial Performance

DRF 310.0 instructions

DRF 310.0 form

DRF 310.1 Contribution Revenue by State and Territory

DRF 310.1 instructions

DRF 310.1 form

DRF 310.2 Claims Expense and Insurance Recoveries

DRF 310.2 instructions

DRF 310.2 form

DRF 310.3 Insurance by Class

DRF 310.3 instructions

DRF 310.2 form

DRF 310.4 Other Information

DRF 310.4 instructions

DRF 310.4 form

Download the reporting standards as a zip file

Data Submission

Direct2APRA (D2A)

Standard Business Reporting initiative

The Standard Business Reporting (SBR) initiative is a multi-agency initiative led by Treasury that will simplify business-to-government reporting in a number of ways. This will include the introduction of a single secure sign-on to submit reports to APRA and other SBR-participating government agencies. APRA will provide information to its regulated institutions in due course on the implementation of the SBR initiative, which involves all of APRA's reporting forms and will provide significant long-term benefits to institutions. For more information on SBR click here, or email