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Wholesale Funders

Wholesale funders are non-deposit taking institutions that rely primarily on securitisation to fund the provision of loans. Wholesale funders are not regulated by APRA and are not registrable entities under the Financial Sector (Collection of Data) Act 2001.

Wholesale funders provide data on a voluntary basis in WRF 320.0 Statement of Financial Position. The Reserve Bank of Australia use the data to gauge housing lending conditions, help assess financial market stability and assist monetary policy setting.

Form name Form Instructions
WRF 320.0 Statement of Financial Position (WF) Download




Direct to APRA (D2A)

APRA requires institutions to use this electronic submission software to submit returns.  The system allows the user to enter data by either typing the information directly into the forms, “cutting and pasting” to the forms or importing data from your own systems. The data is then validated, digitally signed, encrypted and passed to APRA via the Internet. More information is available here.

Please contact the D2A helpdesk by email: or phone (02) 9210 3400 if you require further assistance on D2A.

Standard Business Reporting initiative

The Standard Business Reporting (SBR) initiative is a multi-agency initiative led by Treasury that will simplify business-to-government reporting in a number of ways. This will include the introduction of a single secure sign-on to submit reports to APRA and other SBR-participating government agencies. APRA will provide information to its regulated institutions in due course on the implementation of the SBR initiative, which involves all of APRA’s reporting forms and will provide significant long-term benefits to institutions. For more information on SBR click here, or email