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Applying for a PHI licence

Private Health Insurers operating Health Benefits Funds need to be licensed by APRA.

Application process

APRA's licence application process, as with its approach to supervision, is consultative and each Applicant is assigned a responsible supervisor who is the main contact for the entity on all APRA-related matters.


Application Kit

Applicants should read the following licensing material, and also refer to the relevant private health insurance guidance material available, before applying for a PHI licence with APRA.

Instruction Guide - Registration as a private health insurer

Application Form - Registration as a private health insurer

(additional attachments for application form only - A6 , A7 )

Where an application for a PHI licence has been lodged and changes have been made to the composition of the board before APRA has decided the application, you must notify APRA of the changes using the above additional attachments to the approved form.

Schedule of Fees

Please note that no fees currently apply for applications for a PHI licence.

After PHI licence has been granted

Private Health Insurers must apply on an approved form for conversion to for profit status, to change registration status, for merger or acquisition arrangements and restructure or termination of health benefit funds.

Private Health Insurers must notify changes to the Responsible Persons of the Insurer (i.e. CEO, directors, senior managers, Appointed Actuary or Appointed Auditor) by submitting the Responsible Persons Information form to their responsible supervisor.

For further information

For further information on PHI licensing please contact APRA on 1300 55 88 49 or by email using the online form.