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Private Health Insurance Statistics

Quarterly Publications

Quarterly Statistics - The Quarterly Statistics are principal release of statistics with summaries for the key financial and membership statistics of the Private Health Insurance industry.

Membership and Coverage - details by State of the number of insured persons for hospital treatment and general treatment and the proportion of the population these persons represent. The tables are shown on both a quarterly and an annual basis and include hospital treatment by age cohort.

Medical Gap - data on in-hospital medical services. The proportion of services for which there was no gap or known gap and the average gap payment are shown for each state.

Medical Services - data on services, benefits paid and gap payments by MBS Specialty Block Groupings for medical services paid by private health insurers.

Private Health Insurance Membership and Benefits (formerly PHIAC A) - provides information on policy categories, benefits paid for services, number of services, benefits paid by age category and gender, and gap benefits, on a State and Territory basis.

Prostheses - data on prosthetic benefits paid by private health insurers by major prosthetic category.

Statistical Trends - provides details on trends in membership and benefits paid.
Annual publications
Operations of Private Health Insurers Annual Report - This report details the operations and financial activities of registered private health insurers for the previous financial year.
Annual Coverage Survey - provides a snapshot at December each year of the number of people, by age, gender and State of residence, with hospital insurance.
Risk Equalisation Annual - shows the net Risk Equalisation result for the financial year for each insurer.