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Superannuation statistics

What's new

On 10 February 2016, APRA released the first editions of annual superannuation statistics reflecting recent changes to the reporting framework.

On 9 February 2016, APRA released a response to submissions to the consultation on proposed annual superannuation statistics and confidentiality of superannuation data. The response is available here.

On 28 May 2015, APRA released a discussion paper seeking submissions on the proposed format and content of annual superannuation statistics to be publicly released by APRA following the implementation of revised reporting requirements. The discussion paper is available here.

On 20 May 2015, APRA released a letter to RSE licensees, available here, outlining APRA's decision to determine certain superannuation data non-confidential and summarising next steps in relation to consultation on APRA's annual superannuation statistical publications. 

On 19 February 2015, APRA released a paper, available here, that outlines changes to the segmentation of superannuation statistics to be publicly released by APRA.

Current Publications

Quarterly MySuper Statistics: The Quarterly MySuper Statistics report contains data on MySuper products (on a product by product basis). The report contains information on the product profile, product dashboard measures, asset allocation targets and ranges, investment performance, fees disclosed for MySuper products, or where relevant, for the lifecycle stages underlying MySuper products with a lifecycle investment strategy, and MySuper URLs.

Annual MySuper Statistics: The Annual MySuper Statistics report provides detailed data for all MySuper products, and allows users to analyse APRA-regulated MySuper products across a range of measures.

Annual Fund-level Superannuation Statistics: The Annual Fund-level Superannuation Statistics report contains detailed profile and structure, financial performance and financial position, conditions of release, fees and membership information for APRA-regulated superannuation funds with more than four members and eligible rollover funds, as well as profile and structure information for the trustees of these superannuation funds.

Quarterly Superannuation Performance: The Quarterly Superannuation Performance publication provides industry aggregate summaries of financial performance, financial position, key ratios and asset allocation.

Annual Superannuation Bulletin: The Annual Superannuation Bulletin contains statistics that provide policymakers, regulators, trustees and the community with information to assess the overall performance of the superannuation system. 


Other Publications

Insight: Celebrating 10 Years of superannuation data collection 1996-2006: This special edition of APRA's Insight publication, Celebrating 10 years of superannuation data collection 1996-2006, includes general statistics on assets, accounts and contributions, as well as data focusing on the manner of investment, return on assets, investment choice and asset allocation of the default investment strategy.

Other Information

Segmentation of superannuation entities (PDF) - issued 19 February 2015: This document outlines the change to the segmentation of superannuation statistics following the implementation of superannuation reforms and new superannuation reporting requirements. This documents outlines the new segmentation methodology of superannuation entities by corporate, industry, public sector, retail and small funds from July 2013.

A RESPONSE TO Review of APRA’s Investment Performance Statistics of the Australian Superannuation Industry: This paper provides a response to the International Centre for Financial Services Review.

Past Publications

Superannuation Statistics - Archived


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