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Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions (ADIs) Prudential Framework

The links on this page relate to various aspects of APRA's Prudential Framework for ADIs. 

Legislation  this page contains links to legislation applying to ADIs.

Prudential Standards – this page contains links to prudential requirements, current and superseded, applying to ADIs.

Prudential Practice Guides and other guidance for ADIs – this page contains PPGs and guidance material applying to ADIs. The material on this page is not enforceable.

Regulation Impact Statements (RIS)  this page contains links to RISs relating to all industries.

Consultation packages relating to ADIs this page contains links to consultation packages relating to ADIs.

Letters, notes and advices related to APRA's Prudential Framework for ADIs  this page contains a list of documents sent to industry specifically related to information about APRA's Prudential Framework for ADIs.