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Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions Statistics

APRA Insight: This periodical publication combines prudential commentary and feature articles with a set of statistical tables and figures.

Monthly Banking Statistics: This publication contains select information on the banking business of individual banks within the Australian market, including high-level breakdowns of the domestic assets and liabilities for each bank. It also provides detailed information on loans and advances to and deposits of different sectors of the economy as well as information on securitisation activity.

Points of Presence: An annual publication that provides a detailed listing of the “points of presence” provided to Australians by Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions (ADIs). The data present a detailed picture of the banking service points available to the Australian community as at 30 June each year.

Quarterly Authorised Deposit-taking Institution Performance statistics: This quarterly publication provides bank, credit union and building society industry aggregate statistics, comprising data on financial performance, financial position, capital adequacy, asset quality, liquidity and key financial performance ratios. It also includes selected aggregate statistics for mutual ADIs. This report has replaced the previous Quarterly Bank Performance statistics and Quarterly Credit Union and Building Society Performance statistics publications.

Quarterly Authorised Deposit-taking Institution Property Exposures statistics: This quarterly publication provides bank, credit union and building society aggregate statistics, comprising data on commercial property exposures, residential property exposures and new residential loan approvals. Banks are classified as major banks, other domestic banks, foreign subsidiary banks and branches of foreign banks.

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